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When you write of sand and snow are you going to make Ned die? I just don't think my heart would stand another pounding at a major death x

There is a part of me that doesn’t want to keep that bit of canon, Ned is one of my favorite characters but, as I’m trying to keep the story as close to canon as I can, I’m afraid that Ned’s death is going to happen (not for a while mind you, but it will eventually happen)

Heya, hello! I've been reading your fic and I'm definitely loving it! - honestly I can't wait for Billa to go to Erebor... if she will. I was only wondering, the girl in the banner of your fic is a grown-up Rina?

Hi, glad you enjoy the fic :) As for the banner the girl in it is actually Billa (the actress is Hailee Steinfeld and she’s my headcanon for fem!BIlbo)