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Wake the White Wolf (a GoT AU fic)

They reached the lower end of the Riverlands when Stannis’ army met the army of the man who, according to rumors, was Aegon, son of Rhaegar and Elia. The moment Jon met the man, the moment they looked at one another, he knew the rumors were anything but. Before him stood the son of his long dead brother.

Before him stood one of the last three Dragons.

He was surprised when, after Stannis introduced him as Jon Snow, Aegon, instead of asking why a bastard was standing as a noble, stepped forward and, to the surprise of all watching, embraced Jon, lilac eyes glittering with the hint of tears. He whispered a word, not in the common language of Westeros but an older one. One Jon had only heard in his dreams.


Wake the White Wolf (a GoT AU fic)

While the army rested, using the Twins for their purposes, Jon was surprised when, one evening, Lord Davos arrived with a boy, young, dirty and walking beside a massive black direwolf. He knew, the moment he saw the boy, the moment Ghost darted forward to meet the black wolf, that it was Rickon.

Rickon, upon seeing him, let out a cry and raced forward, throwing himself into Jon’s arms. He was older, bigger, than the last time Jon had seen him, but even as he hugged Rickon close it felt as though no time at all had passed.

Rickon sobbed and Jon felt tears roll down his face as their direwolves circled around them, forming a wall of white and black fur between them and those watching.

Wake the White Wolf (a Game of Thrones AU fic)

It was after what would, in the history books, become known as the Battle of the Twins, that Jon first met Lord Walder Frey. The man, old and brittle looking from a long, brutal winter, was brought before Stannis, given the choice of kneeling or death. Lord Walder knelt.

Jon did not accept such mercy.

For Robb, for Talisa, and for Catelyn, he would have vengeance.

There were men, Northern men loyal only to him, still believing him to be Eddard Stark’s son, one morning brought Lord Walder to him in the courtyard of the Twins, and, after the old man confessed to murdering Robb and his followers for Lannister gold, Jon, in the old fashion of the North, took justice for his uncle’s family by taking Lord Walder’s head with the old Targaryen sword that had been gifted to him at the Wall.

When Stannis questioned him, demanding explanation, Jon had held his head high and said, “He ordered the butchering of my family and you answered that injustice with mercy. But I have no mercy for men such as him.” And then, echoing words from an old dream he added, “I will answer injustice with justice.”

(snippet from my upcoming CA:TWS / AoS fic)

He cupped her cheek with one hand, thumb sweeping lightly over the smooth skin, wiping away the tears, trying to understand what it was she saw in him. What she could ever possibly see in him.

"You keep thinking I’m a good guy," he said softly, hating that he couldn’t be the man she wanted, the man she deserved. "You keep thinking I can change." He saw the shimmer of fresh tears and leaned forward, pressing a quick kiss to her forehead. He would have kissed her lips but he knew where that would lead and, honestly, they didn’t have time for that, as much as he wished they did.

"But you keep forgetting, Skye," he said, still speaking softly, hearing the nearly stealth trained approach of combat boots. Time was up. A heartbeat later, three agents, S.H.I.E.L.D. or HYDRA he didn’t know and didn’t care, were entering the room and he reacted by lifting his gun and firing three shots. The men were dead before they hit the floor, the bullets having ripped through their skulls.

Skye let out a startled cry and stepped back instinctively, looking at him with shock as he calmly lowered his gun.

"I’m not a good guy."

The Avengers and their Daemons

Steve Rogers and his Labrador Retriever daemon, Vieno
Tony Stark as his Ruby-throated Hummingbird daemon, Aishe
Thor and his Great Horned Owl daemon, Pyri
Bruce Banner and his Eurasian Badger daemon, Urdur
Clint Barton and his Fisher Cat daemon, Rael
Natasha Romanoff and her Black Widow Spider daemon, Feroze

The Howling Commandos and their DaemonsBucky Barnes and his Bull Terrier daemon, BrinaGabe Jones and his Orchid Mantis daemon, MoireJacques Dernier and his Red-tailed Hawk daemon, NingalJames Montgomery Falsworth and his Barn Swallow daemon, ElitaJim Morita and his Bobcat daemon, KeaTimothy Dugan and his Veiled Chameleon, Zhu

The Howling Commandos and their Daemons

Bucky Barnes and his Bull Terrier daemon, Brina
Gabe Jones and his Orchid Mantis daemon, Moire
Jacques Dernier and his Red-tailed Hawk daemon, Ningal
James Montgomery Falsworth and his Barn Swallow daemon, Elita
Jim Morita and his Bobcat daemon, Kea
Timothy Dugan and his Veiled Chameleon, Zhu

Wake the White Wolf (an AU Game of Thrones fic)

He’d spent his entire life living a lie.

Raised as the Bastard of Winterfell, the illegitimate son of Eddard Stark.

When he learned the truth of his parentage he was a man grown, was former Commander of the Nights Watch and was a soldier in the army of Stannis Baratheon. Howland Reed was the one to tell him, as the Lord of the Neck was the only living soul who knew, and for three days after he had not spoken a word.

It answered many questions he had had since childhood. The dreams of prophecy. The tolerance to heat. Eyes that, when his dark hair was combed back, were deep violet instead of grey.

Learning the truth changed little, only gave him a sense of purpose he had not possessed since the men of the Watch had turned on him. He was more than the Bastard of Winterfell. More than a fallen Commander of the Nights Watch. He was Blood of the Dragon, son of the Mad King and the She-Wolf of Winterfell.

And, bastard or not, he would take back the Iron Throne, would take back his father’s kingdom. He would take it all back and more.

For the family he had lost.

For the brother who should have lived to be King.

For justice and vengeance.

For Fire and Blood.