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One way or another the Red Viper and the She-Wolf will have their vengeance.

Robert had kept Oberyn from carrying out justice against the Mountain and the Lannisters who were responsible for the death for his sister Elia and her children Rhaenys and Aegon. That very same Baratheon had taken Lyanna’s chance of ever repaying Rhaegar back in kind for taking her against her will, while Jaime Lannister had taken her one chance of getting revenge for her father and Brandon when he killed the Mad King.

Lyanna was forced to quell her thirst for vengeance since those that had been responsible for tearing her life apart were long dead, but that did not stop her from encouraging her husband’s. If the She-Wolf could not have hers then she will do whatever was possible to make certain that her Red Viper would have his. She will find a way for Oberyn to get his hands on the Mountain’s and Tywin Lannister’s heads.     

For years they bid their time in Dorne waiting for the right moment. It came in the form of a letter which informed them of Ned Stark being labeled a traitor against the crown and had been dealt the King’s justice. This time Lyanna vowed to herself that she will have her vengeance. Winter is coming and she will not bow, bend, or break. The boy king will answer to her and she’ll deal him her justice.   

Working for the Viper (a GoT Modern AU fic)

When Joana got the intern position as Red Viper Magazine she didn’t expect that she would be including in meetings and lunch dates with clients and the magazine’s owner and CEO, Oberyn Martell. But she was quick to adapt, even found herself learning a great deal about the fashion world at those meetings.

So, she was surprised one day when she went with Oberyn to a restaurant, expecting another meeting with a client, only to find it was just the two of them. When she quietly asked him, after he’d ordered a rather fancy and expensive bottle of wine, what was going on, why he’d brought her along when there wasn’t a client or work to be done, he’d smiled warmly, charmingly.

"Is it so odd, Miss Snow, that a man would want to share a meal with a pretty girl?"